Umpire Cederstrom gets hit twice by pitches

Home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom was hit by a pair of pitches

from Texas starter Scott Feldman on Saturday night, but didn’t

appear to be seriously hurt by either one.

Cederstrom was hit on the bottom of his face mask and his chest

protector on a changeup by Feldman in the second inning. It

appeared Rangers catcher Matt Treanor didn’t expect the pitch and

never got his glove up in time.

Cederstrom was laughing immediately after the play as a

Milwaukee Brewers trainer briefly checked on him.

The next inning, Treanor missed a ball in the dirt and it hit

Cederstrom square in stomach, doubling him over. The 16-year

veteran and crew chief was smiling again with Treanor apparently

apologizing a second time.