10-year-old is the lone Blue Jays fan in Kansas City elementary school

10-year-old Blue Jays fan in Kansas City is still confident in his team.
Jon Blacker/MLB Photos via Getty Images

With the Toronto Blue Jays trailing the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS three games to one, the outlook is grim.

Not only would the Jays have to win out, they would have to do so in a tough environment on the road in Kansas City.

One 10-year-old Jays fan, however, is more confident than ever.

“I think the Jays are the best team in the league,” Ethan Canavan told the Kansas City Star. “They’re most likely going to win the World Series.”

Ethan is a rare species — a Blue Jays fan in Kansas City — and he’s remaining positive despite going to an elementary school where everybody is a Royals fan.

Prior to Game 4 on Tuesday, his classmates posed for a picture showing off their support for the Royals. Ethan, not one to give in to peer pressure, held up a sign to cheer on the Blue Jays, leading to one of the best pictures you’ll see all postseason:

Ethan said he doesn’t really mind all the Royals fans, as long as he can watch the game with somebody "who is not getting mad or anything when the Blue Jays get a homerun.” However, ith his dad away on a trip, Ethan is forced to watch the game with his baby sitter, a Royals fan.

“Whenever the Blue Jays get a home run she always gets a bit mad,” he said.

The Jays are going to need all the support they can get as they look to make a comeback in the ALCS.

You can read the full piece on Ethan here.

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