Terry Collins suggests Tim Tebow could be at Mets spring training

Icon Sportswire

Tim Tebow’s baseball career is still alive, or so it seems.

Despite extremely below average play in the Arizona Fall League, hitting .194 with 20 strikeouts in 70 plate appearances (that’s a strikeout in two out of every seven at bats, for those counting at home), Tebow may be bound for Mets camp, according to manager Terry Collins.

“I can tell you, I certainly hope you will see Tim Tebow in some of our games,” Collins told reporters at the winter meetings.

“I will tell you if he’s not in our camp, I’ll get him over. I think he’s a name in Florida. He’s a star in Florida. He should be. I think it would be fun to have Tim come over. And certainly one thing about our players, they’re athletes, too. They’re fans, too. They would probably like to know how to run a quarterback sneak one day.”

Know who else is a star in Florida? Flo Rida. Let’s just invite him to camp too.

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