Tim Tebow’s Fall League manager: ‘I don’t think it’s anything he can’t handle’

Rob Foldy

Tim Tebow is set to make his Arizona Fall League Debut on Tuesday with the Scottsdale Scorpions, and manager Tom Goodwin sounds optimistic about the former NFL quarterback’s adjustment to baseball.

“You're talking about a guy who has won a Heisman Trophy but also been cut four times. I think he knows what the challenge is,” Goodwin told reporters. The longtime major league outfielder also serves as the first-base coach for the Mets during the MLB season.

“I think he's up for the challenge. I'm definitely looking forward to putting him out there. It's a huge jump for him, but I don't think it's anything he can't handle. I know he's looking forward to it. And I think a lot of people out there are looking forward to seeing what he has and what he can do.”

After signing a minor league deal with the Mets, Tebow played three games in the Florida fall instructional league and will play left field on Tuesday. The Arizona Fall League is traditionally for prospects nearing the major leagues, and for young major leaguers to continue honing their skills.

After fading out of the NFL, Tebow returns to baseball for the first time since high school. He went 4–for–14 with two RBIs and two walks in his three instructional league games.

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