Former MLB closer pitches to Tim Tebow, immediately becomes a believer

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is progressing in his attempt to be a professional baseball player, with a showcase for MLB teams lined up next week in Los Angeles.

To prepare for the showcase, Tebow is working out in Arizona with former big league catcher Chad Moeller and facing live pitching.

Last week, he faced former MLB closer David Aardsma, who was immediately impressed with Tebow.

Aardsma doesn’t represent the quality of pitching big leaguers face on a daily basis anymore, but he’s still a formidable challenge. Aardsma pitched for Toronto’s Triple-A affiliate this season, and in a blog post about facing Tebow he said his fastball was clocked in the low-90s during the workout. He said another lefty touching 90 mph also pitched to Tebow.

Aardsma also posted a couple videos, and in one you can see a pretty fluid swing from Tebow.

Tim Tebow in high school

In the other, his swing is much stiffer and muscle-bound, with very little load or rhythm.

Still, Aardsma believes there is definitely enough ability to work with for some organization to take a shot on Tebow.