Today’s bowtie represents … Purple Heart Homes

Ken Rosenthal will represent Purple Heart Homes by wearing this bow tie during Game 3 of the NLCS on Tuesday, Oct 18.


Veterans of all ages have one thing in common – the need for safe accessible housing. Purple Heart Homes was formed to build ramps, widen doorways, and remodel bathrooms to help Disabled Veterans of ALL ages and their caregivers age with dignity.

Mr. Rob Walker read about Purple Heart Homes. He then encouraged his teen-age step-son to get involved, and Gabe raised all the start-up money to get the Purple Heart Homes bowtie designed and delivered.

The logo of Purple Heart Homes is unique and different – we felt it should be prominently displayed on the bowtie. The star stands for the Veterans who serve, the blue background stands for the families who stand behind us and the red stripes represent the communities that support our military families as they sacrifice for our freedoms.


This Memorial Day Weekend, make a donation to Purple Heart Homes in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.