This Picture of Buster Posey With Puppies Just Made Me Melt

The San Francisco Giants were back at AT&T Park this past Wednesday filming commercials for the upcoming 2017 season. The official San Francisco Giants twitter account tweeted multiple pictures from the day of filming, but there was only one that made me spit out the hypothetical water that was in my mouth…

I honestly have no words for the picture below.


This might be the most beautiful picture/image I have ever seen in my life.

I mean, I thought the Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima image couldn’t be topped, but what is more American, more patriotic, than Buster Posey on a white sheepskin rug, cuddling with a pile of puppies?


Nothing is more American or patriotic.

I don’t think there are two things in this world that I love more than Giants baseball and puppies. Maybe my family, but it really is a close call.

I find myself thinking about this picture at least once an hour.

How much money would you pay to be that puppy? How much would you be willing to sacrifice to transform into one of those little balls of furry love?

Look how happy Buster looks. Look how cute Buster looks. Look how … Ughh! It’s just so beautiful! I need this framed.

While it’s obvious that this picture makes me feel some type of way (Rich Hommie Quan voice), I also feel like I have been absolutely teased by the San Francisco Giants social media team.

How can you drop the most beautiful picture/image in Major League Baseball history on a random Wednesday and not give us any more information or explanation?

Is this going to be an actual commercial?

Do the Giants realize that if they are actually planning on making this a commercial, and putting it on live TV, the number of people having heart attacks while watching Giants baseball is going to severely increase?

Where did those puppies come from?

Are they Buster’s puppies?

Did Buster have a favorite puppy?

What was Buster saying to the puppies?

What were the puppies saying to Buster?

Can #RaiseThePup be our rallying cry for the 2017 season??

I have so many questions about this picture that broke the camera lens/internet. Good thing I will be at Fan Fest 2017, where I will try to ask the hard hitting questions so I can finally get to the bottom of this.

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