There’s no denying how bad Texas needs Halladay

The Red Sox have interest in Roy Halladay. They are seven-time World Series champions and among the most popular teams in baseball.

The Dodgers have interest in Roy Halladay. They are six-time World Series champions and among the most popular teams in baseball.

The Rangers have interest in Roy Halladay, too. They have never won a World Series. In fact, they have won exactly one postseason game in nearly 50 years of baseball.

Ted Williams. Jackie Robinson. Yaz. Koufax. The Red Sox and Dodgers are not short on history. They have legions of fans, and all of them will be there on Aug. 1, 2009, no matter what happens on July 31.

It’s a little different in Arlington, Texas.

The Rangers aren’t pursuing Roy Halladay just because they need an ace. They’re pursuing him because they need an identity.

Nolan Ryan is in the Hall of Fame, and he earned 51 of his 324 victories as a member of the Texas Rangers. He is a certifiable legend. But now he’s in his second year as the team’s president, and he’s a lot like the other 29 club presidents in baseball: He wants to win trophies and demand excellence on each level of the organization.

What better way to show his plan is working than by persuading Roy Halladay to waive his no-trade clause and come to a place pitchers have been avoiding for years?

And then there’s Jon Daniels. As of this date in 2005, he was a 27-year-old assistant general manager. Now, he’s in his fourth season as the GM. He was criticized at the start of his tenure for sending away the likes of Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez and Alfonso Soriano. Steadily, though, he has built one of the best farm systems in baseball, through solid drafts, smart signings and good trades.

Today, he could demonstrate just how much talent he’s accumulated by sending some of it to Toronto in a trade that could instantly transform the franchise.

I’m not sure where Roy Halladay will be by 4 p.m. today. But I can tell you which team needs him the most. And it’s not the Blue Jays.

The Rangers as we know them will be no more if the Doctor is in.