The Pittsburgh Pirates And Los Angeles Dodgers Need To Swing A Trade

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be perfect trade partners. Due to this, a trade between the two teams needs to happen.

Despite countless trade rumors pertaining to Andrew McCutchen, overall, the Pittsburgh Pirates have had a very quiet offseason thus far. The Pirates have yet to make a significant trade or make a big free agent signing. However, there is one easy way for this to change.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a trade. The Dodgers have a plethora of starting pitching and the Pirates’ biggest need is starting pitching. Plus, two Pirate players that are rumored to be on the trading block would fill holes that the Dodgers have.

These players are second baseman Josh Harrison and left-handed relief pitcher Tony Watson. Los Angeles still has a hole at second base and they could use bullpen help. This is where Harrison and Watson enter the fold.

Both Harrison and Watson are coming off down years for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Additionally, both are easily replaceable. The Pirates have a pair of young second basemen in Adam Frazier and Alen Hanson that could replace Harrison and Tony Watson is, at best, the Pirates’ third best relief pitcher.

The Dodgers currently have eight starting pitchers for five spots. So, in theory, the Dodgers could be looking to trade a starting pitcher. Especially if it would net them second base and/or bullpen help.

In my opinion, a potential fit for the Pirates in a trade with the Dodges would be left-handed starting pitcher Scott Kazmir. Kazmir, thanks in large part due to injuries, had a down season in 2016. However, he would still be a very good fit for the Pirates.

Steamer Projections projected Scott Kazmir to post a 3.73 ERA and a 3.90 FIP in 2017. This type of production would be a welcome addition to the Pirate starting rotation. He would slot in nicely between the top two (Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon) and Chad Kuhl for the Pirates.

For 2017 Josh Harrison is projected to post a wRC+ of just 93. This would actually be an improvement over his wRC+ of 87 in 2016. As for Tony Watson, he is projected to post a 3.56 ERA and a 3.60 FIP.

Personally, I wonder how much gas Watson has left in the tank. Since the start of the 2012 season he has pitched more innings than any other relief pitcher in baseball. Combine that with his struggles last season, and I worry he might be cooked. For these reasons, I would be more than happy to see the Pirates move Watson this offseason.

In my opinion, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers are perfect trade partners. The Pirates need starting pitching help, and the Dodgers have an excess of starting pitching. The Dodgers need second base and bullpen help and the Pirates have players available there. Due to these reasons, Neal Huntington and Farhan Zaidi need to on the phone together.

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