The Mets have broken me

It’s happened. The New York Mets have broken me.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m sitting here in tears writing this. I’m distraught. I don’t know what’s going on in the world. I miss Bartolo Colon already.

How could the Mets let this happen? And to the Braves?! I can’t believe this. I feel blindsided, and like I can’t trust anything anymore.

The deal was only for one year and $12.5 million. Come on Wilpons, this is ridiculous. I could possibly understand it more if it were for three years and $35 million. But this?! COME ON.

My favorite player — and many of your favorite as well — just gone. On a divisional rival team, with another Mets fan favorite, R.A. Dickey.

This one hurts. This really stings. I truly did not think that the Mets could hurt me more than they did this year when I witnessed them lose the Wild Card game. And then this happens. They let Tolo just go somewhere else.

I can’t. I’m broken.

Tolo was a bright spot in a Mets season that was filled with injuries. He was a constant. He would make fans smile and laugh. He would be there for his teammates and served as a leader. We witnessed him get walked for the first time, and hit his first home run. And now he’s gone.

Also, don’t give me that “they can use that money for Cespedes” or “he had a bullpen role in NY the Mets didn’t need Bartolo” bit. Yeah? Well he supposedly had a bullpen role on the team last year too and we all know how well that went — he was our only constant pitcher.

Tolo was more to the team than just a player. He was a fan favorite. He was a source of inspiration. He was a team player and an asset in the clubhouse.

This one’s really rough. This is going to sting for a while.

The Mets have broken me.

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