The Los Angeles Angels are finally finding their groove

The Los Angeles Angels are on the upswing as they've improved their on-field performance in recent weeks.
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By John Farnham

The Los Angeles Angels (21-20) seem to be pulling themselves out of an early season gutter. They have won seven out of their last 10 games. Their Ace, Jered Weaver’s ERA is dipping down to a respectable level, 4.37. And Kole Calhoun is making everyone in Halo Nation forget about Josh Hamilton.

The Angels are finally playing good ball. 10 days ago, the Halos were winning for their moms on Mothers Day. That 3-1 win over the division leading Houston Astros (27-15) sparked a five-game winning streak. During that streak, their pitching took center stage. Angels starting pitchers Garrett RichardsC.J. Wilson,Hector SantiagoJered Weaver, and Matt Shoemakerpitched well enough to only allow six runs to score during that time.

It would be unfair of me to not mention Huston Street’s contribution as of late. In the last 10 games, the Angels closer added five saves for his season total of 14. His efforts have been so good as of late, that the Angels recently gave him a two-tear contract extension worth $18 million.

Weaver is turning back into the fiery, yet dominant, pitcher that Angel fans have known and loved over the years. For his last three starts, he has managed to post an ERA under 4.00. On May 8, Weaver pitched a complete game shutout against the Astros, his first of the season.

If you have followed Weaver throughout his career, then you would know that he hates being pulled from games. It seems like his insatiable thirst to do everything on the mound has been quenched for now. Hopefully the momentum from his complete game will help carry the Angels forward.

I can sit here and write about how good Mike Trout is, but I have been spinning that record all season. Instead I will play you a tune that sounds more like Kole Calhoun’s crack of the bat. Kalhoun is hitting a batting average of .292 with 19 RBI and four HR. Playing well is nothing new for Kole. In 2013 he hit for an average of .282, and in 2014 he hit .272. This exactly the type of performance the Angels need after the departure of Josh Hamilton.

Instead of wallowing in the misfortunes of a troubled Hamilton, the Angels are putting pieces together to form a unique identity that can contend for another division title. Perhaps some of the magic that the Anaheim Ducks have utilized for their current playoff run can rub off onto their neighbor in red. One thing is for sure, the Los Angeles Angels will take all the help they can get moving forward.

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