Texas Rangers: Voters approve new stadium

This past Tuesday voters approved a proposition on the ballot for a new ballpark for the Texas Rangers.  It was met with a lot of opposition ever since it was announced back in June.   But, voter support was high with a 60% for the new ballpark.  This is a huge vote that will keep the Rangers in Arlington until the year 2054.

“I’m so appreciative of our citizens working together to make a difference,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams at the Vote Yes party, shortly after the early results were released. “Now is the time to make a difference.” – CBS 11

The opponents to the new ballpark argued that the current stadium, which opened on April 1, 1994, is still new and that there is nothing wrong with it.   It’s hard to argue against those points.  There isn’t anything wrong the the park.  I’ve very beautiful, well kept, and one of the best designs in the majors.  When it’s retired it will only be about 26 years old.

The ballpark has also had numerous upgrades over the years improving fan experiences and helping the team.  The team has added numerous seats to bring the fans closer to the field, added a larger center field jumbo tron and an addition screen in left field to help fans near first base see the action.

Also, little do most fans know that the Texas Rangers have steadily over the years changed the dynamics of the ballpark to become more of a pitchers park.  The outfield jet stream used to be very wild in its early days.  There would be many times where you could see the outfielders hats blow off due to the strong swirling winds.  These days with all of the changes in the outfield, such as the batters eye, and behind plate, such as the more open area with the concession stands, has reduced the jet stream effect of the outfield.

The fact is the Texas Rangers did need a new stadium.  The summer heat has a huge impact on attendance and the fan experience.  It’s tough to take children to the ballpark on a Sunday afternoon game or even a night game when the temperature is often still above 100 degree at first pitch.  Some baseball purest will be upset that the game will be played basically indoors, but it will improve the fan experience.

I think the most important aspect of the new stadium is the impact it will have on the players.  No longer will the team have to put players out on the field with temperatures hitting 110 degrees or more on a hot Texas summer day.   The summer heat isn’t good for their body, endurance, or skin when it come right down to it.  If they can play in a much cooler environment that could translate to more effective players in September and hopefully October.

They should break ground sometime next season and could start playing in the new ballpark as early as the 2021 season.  The contract on the current ballpark ends in 2024.  In my opinion the new ballpark can’t be built quick enough.  I’m very excited that the Texas Rangers are going to be staying in Arlington and there isn’t any chance of them moving to Dallas in the near future.

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