Texas Rangers Secure Home Field Advantage For Playoffs

Your Texas Rangers have secured home field advantage throughout all of the playoffs, World Series included thanks to the all-star game. It wasn’t Cole Hamels who clinched another game for the Rangers but the other ace Yu Darvish.

In a season where the Texas Rangers could set a franchise record if they win out with 96 wins, they just set a franchise record for wins at home with 53. This team is doing something magical this season given everything that they have had to deal with to make it to this point. I don’t know how you can’t love the performances that are being displayed on the field.

The Texas Rangers do not know who they will play in the first round of the playoff but as the top seen in the A.L. they will be playing which ever team makes it out of the wildcard game. It should defiantly be made known that this is the first time in franchise history that the Texas Rangers have finished with the best record in the American League. Like I said, something magical is going on with this team and it doesn’t look to stop.

Outfielder Shin-Soo Choo returned to the lineup of the first time since mid-August and he played well enough as he gets himself ready for the playoffs. The Rangers offense provided just enough power to help Darvish towards the win, without coming from behind this time.

This team is focused on what they can control day-by-day which is what is preached by manager Jeff Banister. His mantra that he walked through the door with at the beginning of 2015 was “Never Ever Quit”, that has not been more obvious than through close games this season. The Rangers have 50 come from behind wins and lead the league in 1 run wins.

Having a manger such as Jeff Banister would help any club play beyond what they are supposed to and the Rangers have excelled because of him. As it sits the Rangers look to not only have the best bullpen heading into the playoffs but also the best bench as well. Having home field advantage was just another sign on the way to their ultimate goal, which is a World Series Victory.

This Texas Rangers have made it known that they expect nothing less than a championship and it will be fun for Texas Rangers to be able to root them on in many games from Arlington. Do you think this is a big deal? Join the discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages, Go Rangers!

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