Texas Rangers: Rougned Odor Earns Player Of The Week Award

Texas Rangers 2nd baseman Rougned Odor earned A.L. player of the week for helping the Rangers go 5-1. This young undersized power hitter has invigorated the lineup at times when needed and looks to be the future for the Texas Rangers.

Rougned Odor provided a nice spark for the Texas Rangers throughout those 6 putting together a stat line that anyone would be envious of. He had a batting average of .444 and hitting 5 home runs. Not only that but he provided 15 RBI’s while having multiple hits in 4 of those 6 games.

The most notable moment during that 6 game stretch was of his first walk-off home run while down 1 to the Mariners in the bottom of the 9th. Odor had assisted in the Rangers comeback throughout the game but made a base running error that probably cost the Rangers a run.

That being said, he definitely made up for it just after Adrian Beltre belted a single and became the man to get home in order to tie the game. Roguie was not interested with extra innings that night, with a 2-2 count and just after a stare down of the pitcher he hit a 2-run home run and won the game for the Texas Rangers.

It’s something special if you think about just how the Texas Rangers have arrived to where they are today. They have a wealth of riches at the SS and 2nd base spots on their roster. Short-Stop Elvis Andrus has been producing the best season of his career at age 28 while Rougned Odor made it known that he is the real deal. Not only do they have that pair that will most likely help break the record for double plays turned in a season but they also have “the chosen one” Jurickson Profar.

This article is about Rougned Odor and everything he brings to the table but I do feel the need to remind people that without the injuries that Jurickson Profar experienced throughout his career then we may have never known Odor. That isn’t to praise or thank the divine timing of someone’s misfortune but I bring it up to highlight that Rougned Odor fits right in to the Jeff Banister culture of taking advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself.

Texas Ranger fans should understand what they are witnessing, this 22-year-old 2nd baseman has already hit 30 homers this year. It’s obvious that he has power in his 5-11 frame and that was most noticeable when he informed Jose Bautista of that back in May.

The Texas Rangers have many good players but Rougned Odor could develop into a great player down the line. Yes he needs to be more selective at the plate and has to be consistent with fielding. The atmosphere in the Rangers clubhouse is one that helps players grow and that’s obvious in Odor’s case. They also have created a championship culture that is just missing one thing, a championship. Now it’s time to finish the 2016 season right and win that said championship.

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