Rangers sporting American flag shorts because of Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli brought some larger-than-life fashion sense to the Rangers. 

Matt Brown/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers enter play Wednesday alone in first place in the AL West by a half game, having taken the first two of a four-game set with the Houston Astros.

Their first-place takeover coincided with a team-wide fashion quirk inspired by slugger Mike Napoli: They’re all wearing American flag shorts with manager Jeff Banister’s #NeverEverQuit mantra printed on the side. 

They’re really quite something, as shared by Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Twitter: 

Napoli brought the concept with him from his days with the Boston Red Sox, as the Sox wore similar shorts a few years back (with the Red Sox logo in place of the Rangers’ logo, of course). 

MLB.com’s Alyson Footer asked Napoli about his inspiration: "It was something that I just wanted to do, I was wearing these shorts before. I just wanted to get them for the guys."

Catcher Chris Gimenez, currently experiencing the most successful month or so of his major league career, was more visibly excited about the whole thing when speaking with Footer: "He’s been wearing his Boston ones around and nobody said anything, because they’ve got the American flag on them, so we know where he’s going there. He said he was having them all made for us with our slogan, and I think it’s solid. Everybody’s wearing them and it’s like the greatest thing, ever."

What Napoli may lack in outfield defensive skills, he more than makes up for in his ability to foster clubhouse togetherness. 

(h/t MLB.com)