Texas Rangers: Is This Real Life Or Are We Dreaming

Welcome to the world in which the Texas Rangers are producing just what they look like they should be when you see the lineup card. Their starting pitching is performing, bullpen is relieving, and their bats are blisteringly on fire.

These Texas Rangers have currently won 7 straight games and have Yu Darvish on the mound to take on the Houston Astros. This winning streak has yielded a 10.5 game lead on those same Astros as well as an 82-54 record. That record displays the Rangers best franchise start up to this point in the season.

When I say that they have won 7 straight, it really should be more like they are dominantly winning games. They have scored more than 5 runs in 6 of those 7 games and have had the HR provide for many of those runs. In one of those games they even hit for the HR cycle: a grand slam, single run hr, 2 run hr, 3run hr.

As a Texas Rangers fan, this should be very uplifting because the teams they are beating are division foes who the Rangers are really helping them get ready for the off season. That run differential thing went from basically even to +30 in about a week, not that it really matters as explained here.

Jeff Banister is pushing all the right buttons at the right moments and this squad is living up to their own hype. There is no question that there is room for improvement, the bullpen probably need the most improvement down the stretch. It is fair to assume that Jeremy Jeffress will not be with the team for the rest of the year as he entered a rehab facility following a DWI recently. Help on the way for the bullpen could be former stand out Tanner Scheppers who looks to be ready to join the team soon.

The Texas Rangers have 3 players within the top 20 of HR leaders in the MLB with undersized Rougned Odor leading the team with 28 of his own. They also have 3 players in the top 20 for batting average, and Ian Desmond ranked 21st. This Texas Rangers lineup has caught their stride and have been able to hit just about anything that has come across the plate.

Good teams are made up by a couple of superstars who carry the rest of the team but great teams are made by a lineup in which any one guy can provide what is needed for that day. The Texas Rangers are a great team and have proven this all year. Even though they have had questions in with their bullpen and starting pitching during the year, they have still managed the best record in the A.L. which is impressive.

The rest of the MLB should be put on notice by now but if they haven’t seen what is going on then I’ll point it out. If they Texas Rangers have managed this record with those questions then just imagine what they would be like if they put it all together. That is what it appears is happening right now, they are clicking and playing to potential.

This is real life, we are not dreaming. Therefore, attention all other MLB teams, we are dangerous so good luck cause you’ll need it!

What do you think are the biggest questions for the Texas Rangers at this point? What needs improvements moving forward and do you think they will secure home-field advantage?

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