Texas Rangers: Cole Hamels Looks To Stay On Track

Cole Hamels has had a couple of hiccups 2 of his last 3 outings and should be looking to get back into his groove versus the A’s. The Texas Rangers have just a one game lead on the season series versus the A’s so that may not be the easiest task.

Yep, strangely enough the Rangers haven’t dominated the (64-82) A’s, with a (7-6) season record this year. The Texas Rangers have saved that record by winning the last 3 games against them, let’s hope that continues through the final 6 games against them this weekend.

Over the past 3 starts, Cole Hamels has had his ERA inflate from 2.67 to 3.24 and only gaining 1 decision which was a loss. That’s a direct result from only being able to pitch a total of 9 innings, allowing 18 hits, 15 runs (all of them earned) on 260 pitches and only 14 strikeouts. Now his last start he did go 6 innings 4 hits while giving up 2 runs but did not receive a decision.

Hamels is 6th in the MLB and tied with Martin Perez for 2nd in the A.L. in walks this year. He ranks 13th in the MLB in strikeouts and his recent ERA collapse has pushed him from a top 5 position to 20th overall. These drops as of late and the walks are alarming but Hamels is a player that is always professional and seems to not get too high or too low.

The Texas Rangers are getting ready for the playoffs, their magic number is shrinking by the day and they do still have a lead on the Cleveland Indians for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The series left for the Rangers are agains the A’s, Angels, A’s, Brewers, and Rays none of these teams are fighting for a playoff spot.

This remaining schedule will allow Manager Jeff Banister time to tweak the Texas Rangers roster and put players in positions to be ready for any situation. Starting Pitchers aren’t going to have to be pushed to make something happen but they will be expected to perform well.

Cole Hamels will be the of to pitcher in the playoffs if a pitcher is needed to start multiple games in a series. Hamels has the moxy and grit to do that and perform the way you need him to.

These Texas Rangers are the only team right now in the A.L. that has created this comfort to be able to not coast but fine tune things without worrying. This team has out performed what was expected of them from anyone outside of the clubhouse, and they aren’t done.

Do you think that Hamels will need to start more than one game in any series during this years playoffs? Of the three starting pitchers that we know will pitch (Hamels, Darvish, Lewis), who will have the best post season? Leave a comment or connect with the Facebook page to vote!

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