Texas Rangers: Can Team Win Third Straight A.L. West Title?

The Texas Rangers have won two consecutive American League West titles. When they won two straight in 2010 and 2011, they reached the World Series, coming up short in both. However, the last two years, they fell short in the first round. This season, they’ll try to win their third straight division title and try even harder to get past the first round.

The Texas Rangers are perfectly capable of winning their third straight American League West title. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. It’s no simple task, but they can do it.

The keys for Texas to accomplish this goal are simple: Stay healthy and stay focused. Last season, the Rangers did a good job of winning most of their series. That’s what they need to do this season. They need to win series. Of course, they’ll lose some but it’s imperative that they don’t let losses affect them. Again, they need to remain focused.

The Rangers roster is incomplete. They’ve got some positions that are open. First base, center field, and three on the pitching rotation. There are many names that will be competing for these open slots this Spring Training. Manager Jeff Banister will see to it that whoever is named the starter for those positions have proved that they’ve earned it. In any case, the candidates need to be ready. They need to be ready for anything.

Apparently, some big names will miss a significant about of Spring Training due to the World Baseball Classic. However, Elvis Andrus, Shin-Soo Choo, and Yu Darvish will not be part of the Classic.

Per Michael Brantley, the Rangers asked WBC to deny Andrus, Choo, and Darvish due to injury issues. In other words, Texas fears that they got get injured during the tournament. The last thing Texas needs an injury plagued team. If that happens, it’ll be 2014 all over again. Texas cannot afford that.

Of course, a healthy Choo and Darvish is sure to help Texas win the A.L. West a third consecutive time in franchise history.

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