Banged-up Beltre: Rangers’ star playing through another left hand injury

Adrian Beltre is tough. 

Kevin Jairaj/Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre has already faced a sprained left thumb earlier this season. In fact, it’s still something he’s dealing with as he finds a way to play through the pain.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported over the weekend that Beltre now has another situation going on with his left hand: a ‘jammed’ index finger that has required him to wear a wrap when he is at the plate.

Grant noted that Beltre sustained the jammed finger sliding into third base on Friday against the Seattle Mariners. 

Given his left hand maladies over the past few months, does Beltre play better hurt? Manager Jeff Banister seems to think so, as he told Grant: "It appears that way. Most everybody is banged up at this time of year, but he seems to just really be able to focus when he has something going on."

Count that as yet another reason Beltre is in a league all his own. 

(h/t Dallas Morning News)