Ted Turner wants namesake ballpark as green space

When the ballpark named after Ted Turner is demolished in four

years, the media mogul hopes the city of Atlanta will convert the

vacant area into green space.

The Atlanta Braves announced last month that in 2017, they will

move out of Turner Field and into a new 42,000-seat, $672 million

stadium complex in Cobb County. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said after

the announcement that Turner Field would be torn down to make way

for a large-scale development.

”I’ve been so shocked by them moving the Braves out of

Atlanta,” Turner, 75, said in a recent interview with The

Associated Press before his Captain Planet Foundation gala. The

event drew nearly 700 attendees, including environmental activist

Erin Brockovich, to raise funds for its programs and to recognize

environmental stewardship.

”I just learned the last couple of days that they intend to

tear the stadium down,” said Turner, who previously owned the

Atlanta Braves franchise. ”I thought maybe they’d find, yet, a

woman’s soccer team or something like that. … But the idea of

turning it into a green-space park would be wonderful.”

Turner has continued to spread the green message, promoting

sustainable energy and furthering other environmental causes

through his foundation. Turner thinks having green space would be

beneficial for the area once Turner Field is gone.

”It would be nice,” he said. ”It’s hard to put a price tag on

it. But there’s a lot of shopping already in the area so I’m not

sure shopping – I just really haven’t given it a whole lot of

thought, yet.”

Melissa Mullinax, a spokeswoman for the city of Atlanta, said

Monday that officials have yet to make final plans for the area

after the demolition of Turner Field. The infrastructure of the

stadium was originally built for the 1996 Summer Olympics before

being converted to a baseball park that opened in 1997.


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