Stephen Cardullo Honored by Former Team as Playoffs Approach

Stephen Cardullo and the Rockland Boulders apparently have a great connection and respect for each other. Now, as the playoffs begin for Cardullo’s former team in Pomona, N.Y., it looks like that connection is deepening even further.

Cardullo played for the Boulders in the Can-Am League (Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball) for three seasons before being signed by the Colorado Rockies in January. Suddenly, Cardullo went from independent ball to playing Triple-A in Albuquerque. He made the jump smoothly, batting .308 this season for the Isotopes with 17 homers and 72 RBI.

Flash forward to today where Cardullo is now a member of the Colorado Rockies. Joining the Rockies on August 26, Cardullo’s amazing journey has been well documented. He has made an impact for the Rockies in his short time with the club, hitting .385 with two homers and five RBI in just 13 at-bats.

While Cardullo is playing in LoDo, the Boulders are moving on to the Can-Am playoffs. As a way of saying thanks, fans attending the Boulders game on Saturday night were treated to a surprise.

It’s not the only way the Boulders are honoring Cardullo for making his Major League debut. Since he is the first Rockland player to reach the Majors, the Boulders have done some big things to show their pride in Cardullo.

As a tribute to position he played for Rockland in 2015, the left field bleacher area has been renamed “Cardullo’s Corner.” The move pays homage to the Rockland utility player who spent 160 of his 285 games in left field.

The renaming also commemorates where Cardullo’s first-inning grand slam in Game 5 of the 2014 Can-Am Championship landed.

“Playing in Rockland for three years was a great time. The fans were unbelievable with the support they gave me. My coaches, teammates and the organization from top to bottom was first class. That honor is a special feeling,” Cardullo said of the renamed corner. “There have been a lot of great players come through there and to be recognized like that is humbling.”

Additionally, every ticket for the remainder of Rockland’s regular season (until September 5) is $9. That number was Cardullo’s number in 2015 with the Boulders.

Furthermore, the team has launched a “Rockland to the Rockies” contest to see Cardullo play in Denver on September 30 and October 1. The prize includes airfare, hotel, and game tickets. Talk about going all-out in celebration of Cardullo’s accomplishments.

It’s quite the tip of the cap to Cardullo, who has nothing but praise for Rockland.

“It’s just a blessing. It’s always been my dream to make it to the Major Leagues,” Cardullo said. “Playing there in Rockland was part of my journey and helped me become the baseball player that I am.”

“It’s hard to imagine that less than a year ago, Stephen Cardullo was a Rockland Boulder,” Rockland Boulders president Ken Lehner recently said. “However, when you realize how hard he worked both on and off the field, it’s not hard to believe that he is a Major League Baseball player today!”

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