Staying calm … while also s-h-a-k-i-n-g

– Her American idol …: Rank has its privilege, as the saying

goes. But so does knowing the right people.

So it goes for Alexa DeLeon, a 15-year-old at Bloomington


Her dad is Jose DeLeon, a former Cardinals and


Sox pitcher in the

’80s and ’90s and ex-marital mate

of Lia Menken DeLeon, a longtime Twin Citian who works for

Heartland Bank.

Alexa is, as Lia also puts it, “quite a Derek Jeter fan.”

So it was the other afternoon, as mom and daughter were at U.S.

Cellular Field in Chicago when they spotted an old friend who works

in baseball security.

He asked if Alexa would like to come down on the field.

“Sure,” she said.

The White

Sox opponent that day? It was the

New York Yankees, the team Derek Jeter happens to play for.

“Here, lemme introduce you,” said the friend.

There was a pause, then hesitation. Introduce her to, uh, Derek

Jeter, just one-on-one?

Hesitantly, she went. “It took some encouraging,” says Lia.

Yet, moments later, there they were, Jeter and Alexa. “Oh, I

remember your father!” said Jeter. “Tell him I said


Alexa appeared calm, says her mother, but “by when she came back

up, I noticed she was shaking, like in shock ….”

See the picture here?

As Lia puts it, “Their arms were touching as the photo was

taken. Not to say Alexa was thrilled, but … I

don’t think she washed that arm for two to three


– What’s in a name?: Sometimes a different,

offbeat name for your business can be appropriate, or not, or at

least humorous.

Take a particular business in Mason City.

Recently, after the Illinois Liquor Control Commission conducted

compliance checks around the state, it was cited for allegedly

serving an underage patron.

The business’s name?


As one resident now puts it, “Maybe they’ll

also use that as their defense …”

– Getting somewhere when you’re already there

Bad weather closed the airport in Detroit the other day and planes

bound for there were forced to circle, until storms passed.

Eventually, so many planes stacked up, they started circling

farther away – like, eventually even near B-N, 400 miles away.

Therein also was a coincidence:

Some of the passengers on the circling plane were bound for

Detroit so they could land there and catch a connecting flight to


But, because the plane could not land in Detroit, they were

forced to circle near Bloomington, until the Detroit airport

re-opened so they could fly back there, board another jet and fly

to Bloomington, which they had just left.

Sometimes life can be so difficult just trying to keep it


– More local folks making good Appearing these days in Branson,

Mo., debuting at a “Country Legends” show at Hot Hits Theater –

Jason Gordon, formerly of Armington.

Cheering especially loudly Sunday when the Washington Redskins

stunned Dallas in the opening game for new Redskins coach Mike

Shanahan: the Logan County towns of Atlanta and Lincoln. Shanahan,

who has pals in the area, visits occasionally and has been seen

eating at Biaggi’s in Bloomington, is married to

Peggy Brandt of Atlanta …

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