St. Louis Cardinals: We Will Play in October

The St. Louis Cardinals have had a rough season for sure but the schedules here at the end of their competitors WILL be the remedy for the 2016 blues (sorry, not the hockey team).

I know I have been tough on the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals in posts.  I have been especially tough on them of late as I want nothing more than to have a shot at postseason but am often confused as to whether the team wants the same thing or not.

Fast-forward to tonight, September 19, when our St. Louis Cardinals are facing the Colorado Rockies in a ballpark synonymous with the long ball which has been of great help this season.  These games with Colorado mean a great deal thanks to the split series previously in San Francisco forcing a shake-up in the Wild Card standings.

These standings are becoming more and more important and each win will help push the Cardinals closer to playing in October.  At the start of tonight’s game, the Wild Card standings looked like this: the New York Mets were sitting in the top wild card seat by half a game, the Giants were holding the second seat by the margin of only one game’s difference, and the Cardinals were knocking on the door.

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I am writing this article as the St. Louis Cardinals barrel into the eighth inning leading the Rockies by the score of 5-2.  Simultaneously, the Braves have defeated the Mets by the score of 7-3 (I know, I’m surprised too), and the Giants have gone up 1-0 on the Dodgers (in LA nonetheless).  The St. Louis Cardinals need to win and need for the other two wild cards to lose.

Most importantly, in the loss column, is for the Giants to lose and keep losing.  To help with this their schedule is stacked against them.  The Cardinals schedule isn’t the easiest thing since free money (does that even really exist?) but the Giants have some rather significant competition to face in the Dodgers, the Padres (who to others should be easy but who swept the Giants recently), and then at the end of the season against the Dodgers again.

So, you ready for this?  I am predicting boldly that these St. Louis Cardinals will play in October.  No, I’m not joking and just meaning the two games already scheduled.  I believe this team will play in the Wild Card game and will play this game in New York City.  Beyond that point, I’m not willing to make a wager in postseason.  I don’t think it will be easy but I think it will happen.

Let me be clear though, I believe the strongest ally to a St. Louis Cardinals postseason appearance lies not in the team but outside of the team.  I believe the greatest ally lies in the schedule of the San Francisco Giants.

Shoot, maybe even the Mets will face challenges such as the Braves and flip the wild card standings themselves too.  Either way, I am predicting that our opponents we will not face again will assist us into October.

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Keep your heads up, Cardinals Nation, this team will be seen playing in the Wild Card game.  Let us hope that we can keep our winning ways when we return home at the end of the season, or, even more so, let us hope that the Giants (or the Mets) continue to run into difficulties that help us.  For up-to-date standings jump over to MLB and keep an eye on what matters most!

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