St. Louis Cardinals Fandom 250: Best Fans In Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals have the most loyal followers and these fans are known as the Best Fans in Baseball or BFIB.  Cardinals Nation has received a nomination in FanSided’s Fandom 250.

Fansided, our parent company is releasing their inaugural top-250 fan bases known as the Fandom 250.  Our very own St. Louis Cardinals and Cardinals Nation have made the cut!  Are you surprised?  I, for one, am not as we are the best fans in baseball (I’m sure that will bring arguments for sure).

Please allow me to share- with pride and joy- pieces from the official press release from FanSided:

FanSided today announced that on December 6, 2016, it will release a ranking of what it considers the best 250 fandoms in the world. The ranking will appear on… FanSided will begin announcing which fandoms have made the top 250 in batches of ten beginning on October 28th.

“…we decided to shine a spotlight on those passionate fans by taking on the impossible task of ranking the best 250 fandoms in the world,” said FanSided co-founder and CEO, Adam Best.

The list will contain not only sports fandoms but also fandoms supporting entertainment, celebrities and more.

“We’ve all had the debates. Are Red Sox fans better than Yankees fans? Are Ohio State fans more passionate than Alabama fans? But what happens when you introduce Game of Thrones fans into the equation? What about Batman lovers vs. Beyonce fans? How do you compare? It’s a tall order but we’re going to have fun trying,” said FanSided VP of Content, Patrick Allen.

So what happens now?  Now we St. Louis Cardinals fans should glow with pride that we made the cut of ten fandoms released yesterday.  Where do we rank overall?  We must wait until December 6th to learn of our fate.

I believe, and I’m sure my readers will agree, that the St. Louis Cardinals fandom deserves to be in the top five of the 250 list thanks to our historic love of our Cardinals.  We deserve this top-five ranking because we support our birds to the ends of the earth but are also such great fans that we can cheer for great baseball when it happens whether this can be attributed to the Cardinals or our competitors.

I also believe that the St. Louis Cardinals fandom deserves the right to be in the top five of the 250 list thanks to our numerous appearances in postseason and our continued and well-known rivalry with the Chicago Cubs.  This rivalry is by far one of- if not the best- the best nose-to-nose rivalries that renews so frequently each season and exists beyond the final out of each season.

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What do you think?  Want to help us get to the top five?  The best way to do this is to stay the best fans in baseball, and to help tweet and retweet this article using the hashtags #STLCards and #Fandom250.  Let’s stay great, Cardinals Nation and congrats to us!

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