St. Louis Cardinals: Ballpark Village Phase Two Is Voted To Proceed

The St. Louis Cardinals have recently got the go ahead from St. Louis city to continue with their plans for phase two of Ballpark Village.

About a month ago I wrote an article about the plans to build the newest St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark Village phase, pending a vote from The St. Louis Board Of Alderman. The vote took place and the second phase passed.  This will cost 220 million dollars.  It will be 550,000 square feet.

Following the vote, President of the St. Louis Cardinals Bill Dewitt III stated his excitement about moving forward with the project. He added, “We appreciate the city’s willingness to work with us and help us make our shared vision of a world-class, mixed-use neighborhood next to Busch Stadium a reality.”

The cornerstone of this expansion progress is a 29-story apartment building. Accompanying the high rise will be the first Class-A office building to be constructed in the city in almost 30 years. It will also comes with retail, restaurant, and entertainment space.

Those who stay in the apartment building on the corner of Clark and Broadway will be treated to a view, regardless of what side they stay on. Residents can enjoy a view of the Gateway Arch, the Mississippi River, the skyline of St. Louis, or even a clear view inside of Busch Stadium.

Jack Coatar, the 7th ward Alderman who sponsored the bill, said that the new phase will “truly bring the ‘village’ to Ballpark Village.” Once the construction is completed Clark Street will become one of the most extraordinary streets in major league sports with all the attractions.

This project is expected to be finished in 2019. With the apartment building on the east end and the Class-A office building on the west end, this second phase is expected to add a whole new experience to the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Back when the second phase was first announced, it was seen as a huge commitment to the city and a way to create jobs. It is something the St. Louis Cardinals and the city are very excited about moving forward. Now that the vote is done,  they are able to move forward with the project.

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