Glovin’ it: Son saves father from foul ball at Pirates game

A note to fathers attending a Major League Baseball game: Don’t ever tell your son he can’t bring his glove to the game.

A young Pittsburgh Pirates fan put his mitt to good use during Thursday’s game against the Chicago Cubs at PNC Park, saving his father from a nasty injury by sticking his glove up just in time to snag a foul ball headed for his dad’s noggin.

The boy’s father made a somewhat halfhearted attempt to protect himself as the ball sailed toward his face, but it likely would’ve given him quite the bruise if his son wasn’t there to save the day.

The son received a nice hair-ruffle from his grateful father and a smattering of approving cheers from the crowd.

Pirates fans didn’t have much more to cheer about, however, as their Bucs lost 3-2.

Check out the video of the young fan’s heroics At least the father, who backed off like someone who was likely chosen last when it came to picking teams on the sandlot, can be proud of his boy. As for the man behind the kid … no comment.

Of course, the announcers had to make a comment about a famous foul ball "at Wrigley Field a few years ago."

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