Should The Pirates Extend Clint Hurdle?

Pirate manager Clint Hurdle‘s contract expires after the 2018 season. But due to the success he has had in Pittsburgh, should he get an extension?

When Clint Hurdle was hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates in November of 2010 a lot of people told him it was career suicide. This is because the Pirates were coming off their 18th consecutive losing season and they were viewed by many as the worst franchise in all of professional sports. Despite this, Hurdle selected the Pirates over the New York Mets.

In his six seasons as Pirates’ manager Clint Hurdle has helped orchestrate a great turnaround. The Bucs have gone from laughing stocks to winners. And Hurdle’s leadership and attitude is a big reason why.

During his six seasons in Pittsburgh Clint Hurdle has a record of 509-462-1. This includes leading the Bucs to their first winning season, and playoff appearance, since 1992 during the 2013 season. He was also named the National League Manager of the Year in 2013.

Hurdle’s led Pirates followed this up with playoff appearances in 2014 and 2015. This marked just the third time in franchise history the Pirates qualified for the postseason in three consecutive seasons. Furthermore, in 2015 the Pirates won 98 games marking just the sixth time in franchise history the team won at least 98 games.

According Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Clint Hurdle and the Pirates have not held any discussion about a contract extension. As I said above his contract has two years remaining on it. However, 2018 is a club option. So, should the Pirates be discussing an extension with Hurdle?

A lot of people rip Clint Hurdle on social media over, literally, every in game decision he makes. And while I do not always agree with Hurdle’s in game calls, he really is no different than most Major League managers. I think he is better in game than a good amount of managers as well, Dusty Baker and Mike Matheny are two that immediately come to mind.

Being a Major League manager is an incredibly easy job once a game start. The hard part is being a leader of men and keeping your clubhouse atmosphere fun and positive. Well, these are things that Hurdle excels at.

I truly believe Hurdle’s attitude played a large role in the revival of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He said he wanted to reconnect the Pirates with the city of Pittsburgh, he wanted the team to change their attitudes, and that he wanted the team to start to expect to win. He has accomplished each of these things in his six years at the helm in Pittsburgh.

Clint Hurdle has stated in the past that he would like to finish his managerial career in Pittsburgh. Odds are, whenever his time in Pittsburgh runs its course he will retire. Will that be after 2018? Or will it be longer than that? Hopefully, it is not until after Hurdle guides the Pirates to their sixth World Series Championship.

In my opinion, there is no clear cut answer to rather or not Clint Hurdle should get a contract extension. If the Pirates offered him one I would not complain. However, I also would not mind if they wanted to wait to see if the Pirates can bounce back under Hurdle in 2017.

Regardless of how things shake out, I am extremely thankful for everything Clint Hurdle has done as Pirates’ manager.

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