Seattle Mariners Reportedly Offered Jason Hammel One Year Deal

Jason Hammel is still twisting in free agency, but that did not have to be the case. The Seattle Mariners reportedly offered Hammel a one year contract with an option earlier in the offseason.

Of all the players still available in free agency, starting pitcher Jason Hammel may be the most surprising. He has been relatively solid over the past three seasons, posting a 35-28 record with a 3.68 ERA and a 1.162 WHiP, striking out 474 batters against 137 walks in 513.2 innings. He would certainly help upgrade the rotations of quite a few teams who have their eyes set on the postseason.

And yet, with just a couple of weeks to go before Spring Training, Hammel is still available. While he has been linked to several teams, there have not been any reports of an offer for his services. That is, until recently, when it was learned that the Seattle Mariners made Hammel an offer.

That contract was reportedly for one year, with a $10 Million option for 2018. As it was made early in free agency, Hammel understandably declined that contract, looking for a multi year deal worth a lot more. However, if that offer was still on the table, Hammel may be willing to accept it at this point.

Meanwhile, the Mariners no longer have a need for Hammel’s services. They have since traded for Drew Smyly and Yovani Gallardo, helping to fill out the back of their rotation. Hammel would be a luxury that they no longer need.

There are still a few teams that could use Hammel. The Royals have a large hole in their rotation, and Hammel would slot in well as an option. Teams like the Astros and Rangers are also looking for upgrades to their rotation, and Hammel would allow those teams to retain their top prospects.

Maybe Hammel is not a top of the rotation starter. And maybe he is not the type of signing that will excite a fanbase. However, he can be a difference maker in the middle of a starting rotation, providing a typically worry free option. And yet, he is still available, with just days left until Spring Training.

Jason Hammel is still a free agent, but he did not have to be. He had a contract from the Seattle Mariners, that in retrospect, he may have wanted to accept.

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