The worst outfield throw ever?

Fundamentals can be tough, even for players who have been in the big leagues for a long time.

The Seattle Mariners’ rough loss to the Blue Jays on Tuesday night got worse in the seventh inning when Toronto padded its six-run lead thanks to some throwing troubles by Raul Ibanez in left field.

Well, Ibanez had no trouble throwing — it was the release point that got him all fouled up. Ibanez scooped up the ball, wound up and threw hard — but he ended up chucking the ball right into the ground. It landed just a few yards in front of him and rolled meekly toward the infield, allowing Jose Bautista to zip around third and score another run.

Ibanez, 41, isn’t a bad fielder. In fact, he made a nice snag earlier in the game. 

Check out his fumble in the video below: