Scott Boras praises Mets’ plan for Matt Harvey’s innings

Sports agent Scott Boras has changed his stance and now is praising the Mets for their handling of Matt Harvey.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

By Grey Papke

MLB super-agent Scott Boras sparked a firestorm back in September with comments regarding Matt Harvey’s innings limit. Now he’s saying very different things.

Boras, speaking to reporters at the MLB General Manager meetings in Florida, now says the Mets had a great plan for Harvey.

“For Matt to perform at the level he performed, knowing what he went through, I think certainly the Mets’ plan in September paid dividends for everybody,” Boras said via The Wall Street Journal’s Jared Diamond.

“The funny thing was, a lot was said about Matt Harvey not wanting to throw in the playoffs, and yet the entire design of what we were talking about in August was just that, about how we could pare down his innings in September so that he can throw in the playoffs. Frankly, it allowed him to perform probably at his best levels, because instead of throwing 250 innings, he threw 210.”

This is very different from what Boras was saying two months ago, when he got into a very public discussion with the Mets over a limit of 180 innings, as recommended by doctors. Boras’ comments led to a strong defense from Mets GM Sandy Alderson and forced Harvey into clarifying his postseason status.

Things have apparently changed, as Harvey ended up throwing a total of 216 innings, including the playoffs. Perhaps Harvey had a word with Boras in private. Or, perhaps, with Harvey seemingly showing no ill effects from the extra work, Boras feels a bit better about the whole saga.

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