PHOTOS: Giants rookies dress up in maid outfits for team flight

Kelby Tomlinson (second from right) enjoys winning games. Dressing up in a maid costume? Not quite as much.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There has been some debate lately about roster expansion in September, and while there are many valid points that argue that the practice be terminated, the San Francisco Giants gave us a dozen reasons not to do so Sunday. After all, more roster spots means more rookies to embarrass.

After the Giants’ 5-1 win on Sunday to avoid a sweep at home by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team took a flight to San Diego, where it opens a three-game series on Tuesday for its final road trip of the season.

Before the team boarded the flight, the rookies partook in an initiation ritual in which they were forced to dress up in maid outfits and wear wigs.

Team cheerleader Hunter Pence captured a few priceless snapshots from the hazing.

While all the rookies would have gladly traded their maid costumes back for their uniforms, second baseman Kelby Tomlinson, who has filled in nicely for Joe Panik, appears the most uncomfortable donning the getup.

Outfielder Mac Williamson, on the other hand, embraced the initiation and flaunted his outfit with pride.

While September call-ups may add length and boredom to baseball, we can certainly appreciate moments like these that add levity to an otherwise serious sport.

(h/t For The Win)