Report: Giants mascot sets ironman mark

The World Champion San Francisco Giants will not be returning to

the playoffs this year, but the team is on top in at least one

category: its “Lou Seal” is the reigning champ in consecutive home

games attended by a mascot, The Wall Street Journal reported in its

Monday edition.

Joel Zimei has attended 1,051 straight home games as Lou Seal, a

beloved figure at AT&T Park who rides around the field on a

little scooter, performs atop the dugout and pops up everywhere

from the outfield bleachers to corporate suites to trade high fives

with Giants fans.

The streak has not been easy to keep. Once he had to drive half

the night from Reno after his flight from Denver to San Francisco

was canceled and the closest he could get was Nevada. He made it to

the game.

“I was totally delirious,” said the 38-year-old Zimei.

Major League Baseball does not keep stats on mascot attendance,

but Zimei’s fellow mascots — 26 of the 30 teams have one —

compared notes at their annual get-together at the All Star game in

2010 and determined Lou Seal had attended more home games in a row

than any of the others. “One is one season behind me, so he’s

breathing down my neck,” said Zimei, who would not identify his


Zimei’s attendance record inspires awe among the Giants


“He hasn’t ever been on the disabled list one time,” said

manager Bruce Bochy, whose team has been riddled with injuries

since winning the World Series in 2010.

“I really don’t know how he does it,” added pitcher Matt Cain.

“He’s one of those guys who seems like a fanatic.”

On June 8, Zimei was performing his usual pregame antics on the

field when an announcer called for the crowd’s attention. An

ovation went up after he pointed out that it was Lou Seal’s 1,000th

straight home game, as a banner was unfurled in right field with

the number “1000” on it.

“I got a little emotional in my suit,” he said.

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