San Francisco Giants Free to Sign Jansen and Cespedes

The San Francisco Giants are in the middle of an off-season with needs at closer and left field. With the announcement that closer Kenley Jansen and left fielder Yoenis Cespedes have officially declined their qualifying offers from the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets respectively, they are free to sign with any team they want. The Giants would be smart to consider grabbing both and calling it an off-season.

The San Francisco Giants general manager, Bobby Evans, has said spending on a closer is a priority but that the team is less likely to spend on an outfielder. However, it is clear that Jansen and Cespedes would fill in nicely in San Francisco.

Both Jansen and Cespedes would cost the Giants a draft pick in the June draft, but both players would make the 2017 an instant contender for a championship. For a team that has made three successful trips to the World Series in the last seven seasons, it is clear there is motivation to spend big.

The team runs the risk of outbidding other teams and spending top dollar to buy a closer or an outfielder if they go this route, but it might be worth the price. The Giants could look for cheaper options without the risk of draft pick compensation, such as the Washington Nationals closer Mark Melancon or the Toronto Blue Jays Michael Saunders. However, if San Francisco wants to have another parade, buying the best available players could be the most successful route.

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