San Francisco Giants: Evans Says Left Field is Mac & Parker’s in 2017

San Francisco Giants General Manager, Bobby Evans, has come out and said they are comfortable with Mac Williamson and Jarrett Parker in left field for 2017. He added there is no target for a free agent outfielder.

Today, the San Francisco Giants GM, Bobby Evans did an interview with Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger on KNBR 680. KNBR is the Giants flagship station for radio broadcast during the season.

The interview covered a wide range of topics. From Angel Pagan, to their offseason targets, Bobby Evans opened up a little bit today. We tried to unpack all that was there in the interview. When the recording of the interview becomes available, we’ll add it here.

They’re Comfortable With Mac & Parker

This might be the biggest thing out of this entire interview. With so many fans wishing for Cespedes or even someone with remotely close to his prowess at the plate, many convinced themselves that the Giants were looking for an outfielder this offseason. It’s ok to wish and want. Who wouldn’t want that bat in the lineup? However, it just wasn’t realistic.

“Our focus has never been to go after a multi-year scenario in left field as much as the options are out there.”

Then came the J.D. Martinez rumor, that really began and ended with “initial discussions.” The Giants don’t seem ok with the idea of Joe Panik going anywhere, and the Tigers would be smart to ask he be included in the deal.

However, the Giants would be just as smart for turning that down. The Giants seem to be more interested in adding depth, or even a one year solution.

If we open the season with Parker and Williamson I would be comfortable with that. That said, it doesn’t mean we’re not going to explore other options to give us additional depth or perhaps a more short term scenario. I just don’t want to be in a long term scenario where they’re backed up for two or three years.

What’s the most likely thing to happen? They find somebody on a one year deal who can play centerfield as well (that’s an area of need, especially with Angel Pagans likely departure). This fits their depth need, and might give them some extra quality in the outfield. The more quality, the more impetus is placed on Mac and Parkers improvement to improve enough to see field time. J.D Martinez still might be a possibility, but if both sides are stuck in the mud on their expected give/return, then it won’t get done. Most likely, the J.D. Martinez trade happens at the deadline, with the Giants finally getting the price low enough to get Christian Arroyo or Panik off the table.

Add Depth

When explaining they’re targets and ideas for the offseason, Evans eluded they’re more intrigued with adding depth than a long term solution. “Our focus has really been to look for depth, give Williamson and Parker a chance to play.” he said. Unpacking that gives you two things: Mac and Parker will most likely not see someone come in to take left field full time, AND, the Giants want positional depth. Depth is something that has plagued them many years in the past. So it’s clear they need depth. Any team trying to win needs it. But where? Obviously there is the bullpen, but there are three key depth signings the Giants should look to focus on outside of that. Those are: An outfielder with ability to play center, middle infield help, and first base or catcher.

Angel’s Wings Most Likely Have Spread

Another thing that came through in this interview is that Angel Pagan is likely done with the San Francisco Giants. Here is what Evans had to say about his situation:

“Again, we’re gonna keep our options open on something shorter term across baseball, but it is a hard fit for us, a guy like him who will probably get a higher multi-year deal.”

In honor of his outstanding time in San Francisco, we set up a slideshow on his Five Best Moments as a Giants. You can find that by clicking the big blue button below.

Final Thoughts

Now that the Collective Bargaining agreement is completed, the Giants have a better idea of what the payroll situation will look like for the next five years. That means the Giants know where they can go financially. So expect to see the deals start ramping up, and the rumors. Evans didn’t say whether or not they’ve made formal offers to any of the free agent closers. I’m sure they’ve discussed an initial figure, but most teams looking to add an elite closer were probably waiting for the same thing the Giants were. Winter meetings are next week so we’ll see what they can get done. But don’t expect anything more than a big time free agent closer.

Winter meetings are next week! Stay tuned to Around the Foghorn as we bring you all the latest from the Giants at the Winter Meetings.

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