Giants’ Posey, A’s Beane among worst water-hog offenders in Bay Area

Buster Posey might be facing a hefty fine for his excessive water consumption.  

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants’ season ended a few months ago, and apparently star catcher Buster Posey has used his free time to water basically everything under the sun.

Posey was on a list of the biggest water hogs among East Bay residents during a 60-day billing cycle, the San Francisco Chronicle reported citing the East Bay Municipal Utility District. Posey’s household consumed 3,400 gallons a day while the average household uses 300 to 400 gallons.

Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane has also been keeping busy, flying through 3,500 gallons a day. But the Moneyball mastermind actually showed signs of progress this billing period since the previous 60-day period when used 6,000 gallons.

But baseball figures weren’t the only members of the sports world to land on the list. Former NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew exceeded Posey’s total, using 4,200 gallons a day.


The trio, who were on a list of 1,802 customers in the district, faced fines of $2 for every unit of water they used during the 60-day billing period that exceeded the district cap.

California is currently in the midst of a four-year record-breaking drought, which forced Governor Jerry Brown to declare a State of Emergency in January 2015 and impose strict conservation measures statewide.