San Francisco Giants Bring In More Defensive Awards

The San Francisco Giants might not have won the World Series this year. However, the individual awards continue to come in. The latest awards went to Posey, Crawford, and the team overall.

Today, it was announced that the San Francisco Giants have been awarded three Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards. The Wilson Defensive Player of the year award is given out to the best overall defensive player at their respective position. The players honored with the awards are Brandon Crawford at shortstop, Buster Posey at catcher.

Earlier this week the Giants were awarded three gold gloves, with both Posey, Crawford, and Joe Panik taking home the honors in their respective positions. With the Giants racking up the individual awards, they also finally took home a team award.

This is a special award to be honored with because it gives the team recognition on having the best defense in all of baseball.

Brandon Crawford was honored with his second career Wilson Defensive player of the year award. Year after year, Crawford has matured as a player and in recent years now is being recognized as a top player in the league. From an All-Star appearance, getting Gold Gloves and Silver Slugger awards to being recognized as the Wilson Defensive Player of the year twice, Brandon Crawford is a player the Giants love to have on their team. You also have too look at the accolades that Posey has been racking up.

By now Buster Posey has built such a resume you would look at it and think what hasn’t this guy won? Today Posey also won his second Wilson Player of the year Award. Year in and year out, Posey takes so much pride in being recognized as a top defensive catcher. This a great start to the Giants offseason.

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