San Diego Padres: Jered Weaver Brings No. 27 to New Club

Jared Weaver is donning a new jersey and new number this season with the San Diego Padres. With his transition to the National League where pitchers get to hit, he hopes changing to No. 27 will help him be like Mike Trout at the plate.   

Following his deal with the San Diego Padres, Jared Weaver took advantage of changing teams to change his number. Given his impending increase of plate appearances in the National League, Weaver changed to No. 27 because he wants to hit like his former teammate and reigning AL MVP, Mike Trout.

“I figured I’ve got to hit [with the Padres],” Weaver said (per “I went Mike Trout on them, so maybe that’ll help with my hitting. The numbers were slim pickings. I texted Trout and asked him if it was OK, He said he couldn’t wait to see 27 on my back.”

In all of his 11 seasons in the major leagues, Weaver has worn an Angels uniform. The homegrown right-hander gave the Angels 150 victories and four 15-plus win seasons. His best came in 2012, where he went 20-5 with a 2.81 ERA and finished third in the AL Cy Young Award voting. It was during that same season that Weaver connected for his most recent hit.

Throughout his career, Weaver averaged four plate appearances per season. As is the case for many pitchers, his dominance on the mound did not translate to the plate. Weaver only has four hits to his name, half of which came in back-to-back starts in 2010.

Although he might not be the poster child for bringing the designated hitter to the National League like Madison Bumgarner or Jake Arrieta, he could surprise his new team, in much the same way Bartolo Colon did last season. Whatever comes, Weaver picked the right person to emulate through the number of his back.

The move to San Diego keeps him close to his hometown of Northridge, California, which is just an hour north of his former team in Anaheim. Signing with the Padres will add about an hour to that drive, depending on traffic.

While the decision to wear the number 27 is in honor to Mike Trout, a slew of MLB players that don the number are regarded as some of the best in baseball including Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Stanton, along with some very solid/formerly solid players like Jeurys Familia, Aaron Nola, Matt Kemp, Addison Russell, Trevor Story and Jordan Zimmermann.

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