San Diego Padres Ballpark Completely Flooded

Out here on the west coast we don’t see large amounts of rain terribly often, but over the past couple of months we have been getting quite a bit, helping to bail the state of California out of its drought. Turns out there is a reservoir in the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park, too.

The San Diego Padres are in Arizona for spring training, but while they’re away the rain continues to fall back home.

Yeah, that’s Petco Park, with what looks to be at least a couple feet of water flooding the field. There should be no problem getting the water off of the playing area by the time the regular season draws near, but whether or not the field itself will be ready to play upon is another story.

Well, that was the thought. Turns out there was no grass on the field because of a monster truck rally that was passing through town. Fox 5 San Diego reports that the field crews do not anticipate  any damage from the standing water.

Anyway, this is probably the part of the post where I’m supposed to make some crappy joke about the Oakland Athletics ballpark flooding, but you won’t see any of that toilet humor from me. At least the Coliseum has been able to keep their plumbing problems off the field, right?

From what I can tell, the area around Petco has not been hit with an absurd amount of rain over their typical averages. Somewhere around 50% more than usual, while San Francisco and Oakland up north have been handling 200-400% more rain than their accustomed to.

This could just be a higher being’s way of punishing Padres GM A.J. Preller for trying to hide medical reports from other clubs that he was trading with, since his punishment from MLB was a month’s suspension, but after the June Draft and before the offseason began, so really at an opportune time to not have a lasting effect on the club.

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