Sammy Sosa says Cubs don’t care about him

Retired slugger Sammy Sosa is upset with the Chicago Cubs for

not retiring his No. 21 jersey, telling a magazine that the

organization doesn’t care about him.

Sosa hit 545 homers over 13 seasons with the Cubs while becoming

one of baseball’s biggest stars. But he was traded to the Baltimore

Orioles in 2005 after a sour end to his time in Chicago.

Sosa tells Chicago Magazine for a story in its September issue

that his ”number should be untouchable because of the things that

I did for that organization.”

Rookie outfielder Tyler Colvin is wearing No. 21 for the Cubs

this season.

Sosa finished with 609 homers in 18 years in the majors. He

hasn’t appeared in a game since 2007.