Safeco Field Would Be Great For Rockies Boone Logan

The Mariners are looking to bolster their bullpen. They feel that signing the former Colorado Rockies relief pitcher, Boone Logan -who has excelled in pitcher-friendly Safeco Field- will help them win. However, If they want him, they’ll have to act fast because Logan is now a highly touted free agent wanted by a handful of other clubs.

Boone Logan is a utility-man and journeyman in the MLB. Whoever he signs for this off-season, he will be playing for his fifth team in twelve years. The Mariners should hope that they are lucky number five.

Over the course of his career, Logan has played at friendly pitchers parks like Yankee Stadium and also at one of the most forbidding pitching parks in the league, Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play.

Logan has played the majority of his career for these two clubs -a combined seven years. When we look at his numbers with each of those franchises, we see stark differences. This is probably related to the friendliness of each park towards pitchers.

Logan has played one hundred and twenty-eight games at the newest Yankee Stadium. Over that span he had an ERA of 3.16, but more importantly, he had a record of 10-3.

The pitcher-friendly confines in New York definitely helped his numbers over his four years with the Yankees. In that span, Logan had a record of 19-7 with a 3.38 ERA. As you can see, even though his numbers were good during his four years with organization -but including play at other stadiums- Logan had a higher level of success in the pitcher-friendly park.

If we then look at his numbers as a Rockies player, and his games in Coors Field, we see his stats shoot up. In Coors Field alone, Logan’s ERA is a staggering 4.55 over his career. That’s a huge spike from his numbers in Yankee Stadium.

Surprisingly, and more concerning, his numbers actually were worse than his average Coors Field stats when he was a Rockies pitcher. In the last three years, his cumulative ERA was 4.64 and he had a very sad record of 4-11. But, feeling uncomfortable in his home stadium was probably effecting the rest of his game.

So knowing these numbers at these two very different parks, how has he fared in Safeco Field, and will that continue if he plays for the Mariners?

In seven years, Logan has played eleven games at Safeco, and he has been brilliant. In that time, Logan had an ERA of 1.93. Now, it is a small sample size, but Safeco is one of the MLB’s friendliest pitcher parks and the Mariners have the firepower to provided enough offense for Logan when he comes out of the bullpen.

Unfortunately for the Mariners, the New York Mets and New York Yankees both want Logan. And, since Logan has already built up relationships in New York, Jerry Dipoto will need to act smartly and swiftly to steal the bullpen specialist away from the evil empire. If they can, they should feel confident that Safeco Field will bring this recently struggling left-hander, back to his winning ways of the past.

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