Ryan wouldn’t stay with Rangers in lesser role

Texas Rangers president Nolan Ryan says he is unsure when or how

the pending sale of the team will be resolved – a decision that

will determine if he stays with the organization.

“I have no way of knowing,” Ryan said Friday. “We’ll just

have to wait and see.”

Ryan has partnered with Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg and

a group of mainly local investors in a bid to buy the team.

Another finalist is former sports agent Dennis Gilbert, who

likely would be involved in running daily operations if his group

gets the Rangers. Ryan said at the winter meetings this week that

he wouldn’t stay and work with Gilbert under such a scenario.

Ryan said he has since spoken with Gilbert, but the Hall of Fame

pitcher indicated that his position hasn’t changed.

“I don’t anticipate being here and taking a lesser role because

I want to kind of set the direction of the organization,” said

Ryan, though he added it was too hard to predict what might


Tom Hicks hired Ryan as team president in February 2008, and put

him in charge of running the team on a daily basis.

Gilbert and Greenberg were thought to be the only finalists

heading into an anticipated deadline Tuesday for Hicks to inform

Major League Baseball which bid he planned to accept.

Ryan indicated Friday, however, that a group other than Gilbert

and Greenberg had resubmitted a revised proposal. The only other

known proposal to buy the team was made by a group headed by

Houston businessman Jim Crane, who in the past had attempted to

purchase the Astros.

Hicks, who previously had been working to put together a group

in an effort to maintain ownership of the team, said in an e-mail

Friday that he wasn’t commenting on the process.

Ryan also said he was unsure if the Tuesday deadline was


“I think it’s still very much in Tom’s hands, what he’d like to

do and be able to do,” Ryan said.

Greenberg owns two minor league baseball teams, and recently

sold a third. He previously represented buyers for two NHL teams,

Pittsburgh in 1999 and Florida in 2001.

Ryan, a principal owner of a group that owns and operates two

minor league teams that his sons help run, said common background

helped his decision to partner with Greenberg.

“Chuck and I spent more time together than anybody else and I

felt like that the role he wants to play with the local interest

here, I felt like it was just a better matchup for me,” Ryan


Gilbert is a special adviser for the Chicago White Sox who still

runs his insurance company in California. He is a former minor

league player who became successful in insurance, writing policies

for some entertainers and athletes.

As a sports agent, his clients included George Brett, Barry

Bonds, Mike Piazza and Curt Schilling.