Sympathy for Ryan Braun? Far from it

If you were wondering whether baseball players had brethren Ryan

Braun’s back, the answer’s becoming clear. Look no further than his

own clubhouse after Monday’s news that the slugger



was suspended for the remainder of the season for

PED use.

Here is what they had to say after the game:

And he isn’t getting much sympathy from other teams, either.

Remember in “Jerry Maguire” when Renee Zellweger told

Tom Cruise, “You had me at hello”? That was sort of the

way Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy felt when he heard the

2011 National League Most Valuable Player issue his apology.

And they’re not the only ones angry about being taken in

by Braun’s denials when he avoided a suspension after his MVP

season. College basketball yakker and big baseball fan Dick Vitale,

for instance, ended one of his tweets about Braun with this

hashtag: “#APhony.” And Hall of Famer Johnny Bench was

glad somebody got nailed.

One of the Brewers’ most visible fans — watch a game

from Miller Park and you’ll likely see her behind home plate

— the woman known as Front Row Amy, also sounded


Here’s how another fan handled the news.

Twitter also has a memory. Many tweets brought up how Braun

impugned Major League Baseball’s sample collector in getting

off on his first drug ban:

Others recalled how Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers supported

Braun last year by saying he’d put up a year’s salary

that Braun didn’t use PEDs.

And speaking of Braun supporters, Monday’s news meant they

had some backtracking to do.

And if you wanted to see exactly what this is costing Braun

Finally, sometimes you have to find the humor in these