Rumor: Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves Have Inquired About Chris Sale

The Washington Nationals are among other teams that have reached out to the White Sox about Chris Sale. However, nothing is imminent and this may just be teams doing their homework.

The Chicago White Sox have had many teams inquiring about left hander Chris Sale. The latest is the Washington Nationals, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today. While other teams have called the White Sox, nothing is imminent. Nightengale reports the Nationals may be doing their due diligence.

The Nationals haven’t been the only team to call on Sale. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox could also have some interest. The Cubs could be a fourth team.

Obviously this doesn’t mean anything until there is a solid offer on the table. However, any of those teams must  have the prospects to make a deal happen. The wild card will be what the Sox are asking for. During the season, the organization was reported seeking 5-7 prospects. That seems like a huge bounty, but a guy of Sale’s talent could definitely bring in a monster return.

It will be interesting to see what the organization does with their ace. He has had some run-ins with the front office in the past, but GM Rick Hahn already told reporters it wouldn’t make a difference. However, we still don’t know if Sale truly wants to be in Chicago. He has been very critical of how the organization is run. A direct shot at owner Jerry Reinsdorf. While he has a point, having a player like that could turn the clubhouse toxic. Don’t forget, Sale was suspended for five games after cutting up jerseys prior to the first pitch.

Given his relationship with executive vice president Ken Williams, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him traded. It may end up being the best. After all, this could turn the organization around. Similar to what the Cubs did a few years ago. On the other hand, Sale is a rare commodity in baseball. He has been a solid pitcher since he debuted and is showing no signs of slowing down. He also has an extremely team friendly contract, which makes him even more attractive to potential suitors.

There is definitely a market for Sale. It’s already beginning to take shape. Now the front office needs to decide what would be the best interests of the organization. Until they determine their best interests, this offseason is going to continue to be a wild ride.

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