Rumor: Nationals Showing Interest in Jose Quintana

The Washington Nationals have interest in Jose Quintana. The White Sox however may not be that anxious to move him. Jon Heyman reports.

The Chicago White Sox pulled off the biggest trade of the offseason. And that may just be the beginning. Jon Heyman tweets the Washington Nationals are showing interest in lefty Jose Quintana. After losing out on Chris Sale, Quintana wouldn’t be a bad constellation prize for Washington.

The only problem is the White Sox may not be that excited about trading arguably their second-best starter. During the offseason, they made it known they were willing to trade anyone with less than four years of control. Quintana, however, doesn’t fit into that category. But as Heyman reports “nobody is sacred.”

Quintana has pitched very well for the organization, logging over 200 innings four years in a row. He also has a team friendly contract, that runs through 2020. For his career, the 27-year-old has a 3.41 ERA and 7.4 K/9 so there’s reason to believe his best is yet to come.

The Nationals were one team that had enough talent to put together an attractive package for Sale. So there’s no reason they wouldn’t have the prospects to make a deal for Quintana. It’ll come down to Rick Hahn’s willingness to part ways with another pitcher. Carlos Rodon would be the only starter from last season’s opening-day roster. This team also has Miguel Gonzalez, Carson Fulmer and James Shields, but they would need to probably add an arm via free agency. Even still, that’s not a very exciting pitching staff. However, this team is in rebuild mode, so they likely won’t be a contender next season.

Trading Quintana might not be such a bad thing for the White Sox. It would give them more prospects and future talent. .If they could flip him for one or two top prospects, that might be an offer they can’t refuse. They won’t get a package like Sale, but Quintana is still valuable enough, where they could get a decent return.

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