Royals Rumors: Did KC Make An Offer To Tim Tebow?

The Royals might be interested in making an offer to former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who worked out for MLB scouts on Tuesday.

These rumors come from a tweet from former NFL player, and current ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley:

I don’t know about Wiley’s source. Maybe, Tim Tebow told him something. Wiley seemed a lot more impressed by Tebow’s performance than most scouts.

One American League scout who talked to USA Today threw cold water on the 29-year-old Heisman Trophy winner’s hopes to play professional baseball:

“It was a complete waste of time,’’ said an American League scout, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about his assessment. “It was like watching an actor trying to portray a baseball player.

“He tried. He tried. That’s the best I can say. He is crazy strong, and could run well in one direction, but that’s it. He only had one good throw of all his throws.’’

However, a National League scout that talked to USA Today wasn’t such a pessimist:

“Better than I expected, to be honest,” he said of the 6-3, 260-pound Tebow. “…That’s a big dude, for as fast as he can run. The power was impressive, but I wish he could have translated it maybe a little better (against live pitching).”

Tebow wasn’t discouraged by the many naysayers who have criticized his attempt to play professional baseball:

“This is something I love to do and I think when you have that mindset, it lets you be free to just go out there and compete,’’ he said. “It lets you be free to do what a lot of people think you can’t do.

“When you don’t have that (fear) it lets you be able to be free to pursue life and what you’re passionate about, not what other people think you should do.’’

“Regardless of if you fail or fall flat on your face, if that’s the worst thing that happens, that’s OK,’’ he said. “When did that become such a bad thing?’

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising for the Kansas City Royals to sign Tim Tebow. General manager Dayton Moore likes very athletic players. He also prizes team leaders with good character. Tebow’s professed Christian values also fit in with Moore’s own world view.

But, in the end, it’s doubtful that a 29-year-old player who hasn’t played in more than a decade can make any significant impact at the major-league level.

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