Clemens lawyer wants to probe Pettitte

Prosecutors want to prevent baseball star Roger Clemens’ lawyer from cross-examining his former teammate Andy Pettitte over claims that Clemens lied about using performance-enhancing drugs.

The prosecutors filed a motion Friday arguing that defense attorney Rusty Hardin has a conflict of interest because he briefly advised Pettitte along with Clemens in early December 2007 just before the release of a report alleging both players used human growth hormone.

Clemens has steadfastly denied the allegations, but Pettitte admitted using the drug and said Clemens admitted privately he did as well.

Prosecutors intend to call Pettitte as a witness in the trial scheduled for this summer. They said Hardin’s conflict can be resolved if another attorney representing Clemens cross examines Pettitte, but asked a judge to hold a hearing on the matter.