Review faults case vs. Red Sox broadcaster’s son

Prosecutors poorly handled assault allegations against Red Sox

broadcaster Jerry Remy’s son just before he allegedly killed his

girlfriend, according to an independent review released


Jared Remy was arrested Aug. 13 after he allegedly pushed

Jennifer Martell into a mirror. He was released on his own

recognizance Aug. 14 and allegedly stabbed Martel to death at their

apartment the next day. He has pleaded not guilty.

The review found that Middlesex County prosecutors did not

adequately consider Remy’s history of domestic violence and the

details of the alleged Aug. 13 assault. It says they placed too

much weight on Martel’s decision not to seek an extension of a

restraining order against him. The couple had a daughter, then 4

years old.

”We believe this deficiency contributed to the decision on

August 14, 2013 to request that Remy be released with only bail

warning and a no abuse order,” an executive summary of the report


”Specifically we found that Remy’s domestic violence criminal

history, the facts in the August 13, 2013 police report, and the

fact that there was a young child in the home were not given

sufficient weight, while the victim’s decision not to come to court

to extend the emergency restraining order or to request conditions

of release was given excessive consideration in the evaluation,”

the report said.

The review found that Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan’s

office has a ”solid performance” in allocating resources to the

prevention and prosecution of domestic violence and considers the

safety of domestic violence victims ”to be of utmost


Ryan had requested the review. It was conducted by former Essex

County District Attorney, Secretary of Public Safety Kevin Burke

and Norfolk County First Assistant District Attorney Jeanmarie