Red Sox: What will Brock Holt’s role be for 2017 season?

Broc Holt’s versatility to man virtually any position has shoehorned him into a super utility role when he should be starting for the Boston Red Sox.

When nobody on the Boston Red Sox was performing up to the mid-way point in 2015, Brock Holt came through as the only All-Star. When nobody on the Red Sox was performing during the 2016 postseason, Brock Holt came through as the spark plug for the lineup.

Holt has been the undersized utility superman, providing a great fix for an injured or under producing player. Saving the day when something goes wrong.

In 2017 though, Holt looks like the odd man out on Opening Day once again. While Holt’s best asset is his versatility, his ability often gets over looked.

.255/.322/.383 on his 2016 slash line definitely doesn’t jump off the page. However, keep in mind Brock had a tougher time getting comfortable in the box since he was not an everyday player. Additionally, he was battling a concussion for a good portion of the season.

Holt is currently on the Red Sox depth chart as the second string at second base, shortstop and third base, while also serving as the third and fourth string in right field and center field respectively. But I say Holt should be a starter.

With 2B, SS, RF, and CF locked up by stars – that leaves 3B open to discussion. Holt’s only competition is the drastically overpaid Pablo Sandoval. Holt will earn a little over Sandoval’s 2017 signing bonus portion.

As we know, Sandoval has been a nightmare ever since his arrival to Boston. However, recent pictures that have surfaced give Red Sox fans new hope for his future. Leaving Holt as an after thought.

While it seems that Farrell may like Holt in a utility role rather than an everyday role – if he can provide more than Sandoval, the job should be his. I don’t think Holt has done anything to “lose” his job as the everyday 3rd baseman except being behind a guy getting paid 17 million more than him.

If Holt can’t start with the Red Sox, I’m sure there are plenty of other major league teams out there that are willing to give him a bigger role. Holt should be given every chance in the world to be a starter and I think the Red Sox would be hard pressed not to consider him to be a starter.

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