Red Sox: David Price claims he stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey

Boston Red Sox starter David Price “confessed” to being the culprit behind Tom Brady’s missing jersey that he wore in the Super Bowl.

Do the Boston Red Sox have a thief on their roster?

When Tom Brady returned to the locker room following his MVP press conference Sunday night he realized something was missing. The jersey he wore during the New England Patriots historic Super Bowl victory earlier that night had been stolen form his bag!

While the Patriots security team worked with Texas law-enforcement authorities to investigate the theft, Red Sox pitcher David Price managed to crack the case on his own.

He did it.

Or so he claimed anyway. Price’s Twitter confession was clearly a joke, but the concept of wanting some of Brady’s greatness to rub off on him may not have been.

Brady is without a doubt the greatest quarterback in NFL history. His reputation as a winner is rock solid, with five Super Bowl rings to prove it.

Price’s postseason struggles on the other hand are well documented. His regular season resume shows he’s been among the best pitchers in the game since he broke into the league, but he has yet to prove himself in the playoffs, where he’s 0-8 with a 7.74 ERA as a starter. His first shot in the playoffs since signing a $218 million deal with the Red Sox ended in disaster, as Price was bounced after allowing five earned runs in 3 1/3 innings.

The veteran lefty has vowed to win Red Sox fans over this season and the only way to do that is to win in the playoffs.

Would possessing Brady’s game-worn jersey magically transform Price into a postseason success? Of course not, which is one of the many reasons to be skeptical that Price actually has it.

However, Brady could probably teach Price a thing or two about what it takes to win in this city. With Brady and the Patriots having been invited to Opening Day this April, perhaps Price will get the opportunity to pick the brain of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

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