Red Sox Big Papi’s Vague Tweet Leaves the Baseball World Guessing

A simple tweet from David Ortiz, “@BostonGlobe” has everybody wondering what the recent retiree is trying to convey. Speculations continue to pop out, such as a return to Boston or perhaps, he’ll play for the Dominican Republic in the upcoming 2017 World Baseball Classic. The uncertainty is killing Red Sox and baseball fans all over.

Before last season, Red Sox slugger Big Papi announced that he planned on retiring at the end of the 2016 season. But as the season progressed, Ortiz’s play continued to amaze. 2016 was statistically one of the best seasons of Ortiz’s career.

His season stats included a .315 batting average, 38 home runs and 127 RBIs. Ortiz led all of baseball in doubles (48), slugging percentage (.620), on-base plus slugging (1.021) and extra base hits (87). He also finished sixth in the AL MVP voting.

Many wondered why Ortiz wanted to retire because he clearly showed he was still one of the best in the game, despite being 40 years old. Some thought that his impressive season might convince himself to play longer, but that wasn’t the case.

Ortiz retired after the Cleveland Indians eliminated his Red Sox in the ALDS. He had arguably the greatest season for someone who retired after it.

On Monday, Jan. 9th, Ortiz tweeted out “@BostonGlobe” and that was it. With much anticipation to find out the meaning of the tweet, Boston Globe’s twitter page tweeted back at Ortiz, stating “@davidortiz We are listening. You can tell us anything!”

The response was to no avail, as Ortiz never responded. Could this mean the three-time World Series champion is headed back to Boston? There’s also speculation of Papi joining the Dominican Republic team for the 2017 WBC. Or it could just be Papi messing around, and it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Nonetheless, Ortiz has truly kept the baseball world on the edge of its seat the past few days. Nobody will complain if they get to see him hit some more baseballs in to the bleachers in 2017, but how long will it take for the 41-year-old to respond? The longer it takes, the crazier it’ll drive baseball fans.

Don’t worry though, the Boston Globe twitter account continues to look for an answer.

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